There are several ways you can participate in World Refugee Day Live 2010!

Take part - in the Live events

Give - to UNHCR right now

Organise - an event to raise funds for UNHCR

Take part Take part - You can be part of the Live events for World Refugee Day 2010 by simply being online and getting involved. All you need to do is to include the hashtag #wrd10 when tweeting about the event. You can also embed our badge on your blog or website, drive traffic to and help support the cause.

Click here to get the html code to embed our badge.

Give Give - help make a real difference to the more than 40 million men, women and children sheltered and protected by UNHCR, right now. Your gift can make a real difference. Just $40 can provide blankets to protect 10 refugees from the cold nights; $100 can provide a survival kit including blankets and a cooking and heating stove for a refugee family; $200 buys an emergency tent to provide shelter for a family of five. Help right now, and give what you can.

Click here to donate now.

Organise Organise - sometimes the scale of work needed to make a difference can seem daunting, and big challenges are often better solved by teamwork. So we have developed a really easy and fun way for you to coordinate your family and friends to make a real impact this WRD, by setting up your own fundraising event and getting everyone involved - at the event with you, or simply as a sponsor / supporter who joins to help raise funds.

Click here to help us raise funds.